Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Delayed Reaction

I have so been wanting to write a post about the farm where I stay and to create an awareness of what is going on but to date I have yet to get permission from the farm owners. The farm is now owned by an African religious organization called " International pentecostal Holiness church". Hopefully I will be able to speak to the "Comforter" soon. I was told a little before Christmas that I am the farm manager so I feel it is a good idea if I know what they want to do with the place in order for me to be in line with their thinking.

There is a whole lot that I wanted to talk to you about but it seems a little pointless to set up a whole network of interested blog writers if it can't go anywhere. Please be patient for just a little longer and I will see what I can do. God bless all of you. Geoff.


  1. I look forward to hearing more and seeing some photos. What a blessed place to work..Your heart must be singing..Hug OOO

  2. Geoff Thank you for your beautiful insight today and if I may say I think you have a lot to say that is inspirational and until you get their permission we would love to hear thoughts like the one you shared on my blog today...God Bless you and keep you in His loving embrace Patricia...Keep looking under those bushes you never know what you might see...I have a herd of 16 deer a rabbit a red fox and a family of hedgehogs that live under several things on the property with 7 acres of meadows and three acres of woods God shares many things...Have a fruitful day Patricia