Thursday, February 17, 2011

This blog was intended to highlight what can be done by one person with the help of a large group of people each contributing a small bit.  However getting it going has proved a bit difficult in that I need the cooperation of the owners of this amazing stretch of land, something I still have not accomplished.
So, with or without their cooperation I'm going to proceed anyway by firstly outlining the concept and at the same time showing what I have been able to accomplish on my own.
What I need to tell you is that I have to date been unable to post copies of a few documents that I wrote with regard to this mission. I will however try my best to post them but in the mean time I will possibly have to rewrite them as a blog post. Please be patient. I tried e-mailing them to myself and then copying them and pasting them but to no avail.
When these documents were written I was using ms office which I now no longer have. Too many viruses. I'm now working with Open Office and the computer I use for blogging neither has Microsoft nor Open Office, just windows. This is really painful and I'm getting quite sick of it. Oh well, what can I do but rewrite the original documents as blog posts but I will first have to print them in order to be able to see what I wrote. Please bare with me for just a little while longer.
In the meantime go to my other blog and enjoy. Thanks guys for your patience. Geoff.

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